Our mission is to make you the best damn bagel you’ve ever eaten, served with kindness and a side of silliness.

Our Commitment

We don’t just focus on food.

We focus on the people who grow the food, make the food, and eat the food.  So we calculate our bottom line based upon Earth, Mirth, and Worth.

As we grow, our percentage of locally sourced, organic food will grow too. Track us here, check in, and ask us about our commitment to locally sourced, lovingly made, hole foods. 

Know a local farmer or maker that’s a good fit? Hook us up!

Our menu is loaded with puns and sensational sandos. We’re always in the market for new jokes, so pop by anytime and pepper our staff with your favorite funnies. 

We put high value on positive human relations. In fact, we are so committed to these values, that if you ever experience anything to the contrary, your meal is on us.